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nobody else has posted in here.. but, um, i sure do love death, yeah. in the 'interests' section, "flay" should prolly be added.. i like flaying... um.. so.. what do you think the most painful way to die would be? the best one i've heard so far is with sodium. apparently pure sodium reacts rather violently with water.. so if a sample of it landed in an open wound or the like, the chemical reaction would continue on throughout the blood vessels and end up melting away the inside of the body. that's just hear-say though, so there's a good chance i could be wrong.. um, and do you think it would be more painful to sew someone's eyes shut, like so many people have done, or to shave the thin layers of tissue off them and pour in a little bit of salt? just conversation starters i guess... um, yeah... i'm gonna go now..

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